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993- The Introduction- The relation between David Simmons and Rahul Rana dates back to the year 1993. Rahul Rana, by then was already a multiple times National Champion in India and was training with the Muse Brothers Tony, Dante and Mark in Des Moines, Iowa.David Simmons was building up his own company Simmons Racing, which he had launched in 1991. Initially, when Inline speed skating took over from conventional Quad skates Rahul faced a lot of issues with his boots. He tried almost every boot maker but none of them met his standards. That is when Dante Muse introduced David Simmons to Rahul Rana. David worked patiently on Rahul's boot till all the various problems were solved and Rahul was comfortable in the boots. Post this Rahul went on to win multiple National Championships on Simmons boots. Since then, Rahul has skated on Simmons Racing boots and nothing else.

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