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The meaning for us is to improve the way something is done. Make it Better, Stronger, Lighter.

We have been asked many times over the last ten years, what’s our philosophy. We think about it almost every day.

Philosophy, well that’s a big word for us. We still don’t have a clear answer. If we say what it might be, it’s like a tattoo, it’s there for the rest of our life.

David Simmons says

“I will start with a little insight on our train of thought. Sense I can remember I have been Intrigue by the simplest things. When I went to school for the first time, I had trouble paying attention to the teacher when she was speaking. I could not concentrate on what she was saying because of the mat on the floor. It was red and white with a loose thread. I was thinking how did it get that way? How did the patterns get there? How did they weave the threads together? All though school I was distracted by the, how and why, of my surroundings. It made life difficult, but I worked though it and graduated.

My thought process is mostly mechanical. When involved in an object that I’m passionate about (cars, boats, guitars, bikes, and skates) I can’t stop thinking about it until it’s perfect in my eyes. Perfect to me is strongest, lightest, simplest, best performing, while looking good. When I design, I try to break it down into the simplest concept.

As you look at my speed skates and cycling shoes you may think, why, how, and that is exactly what I want.

To create a complex object with a simple appearance is difficult, and creating a simple method to make that object is more challenging. The focus of my designs (My philosophy) are about light weight, efficiency, simplicity, and the least amount of moving parts. Combining these principles is an art that I enjoy very much.

I take a lot of pride in my study of making stock boots.
I am 100% self-taught I don’t like to see how other boots are made.
It is part of the game I play with myself.
Some people like a crossword puzzle, or watching a football game.
I like to see how many things I can build in my head from start to finish.
In one day I have at least 5 projects going on up there. The longest thought now has been going on for at least 10 years.

It’s never been about the money, I’m forced to be a business man to survive.

So when it comes to me producing or creating something, No matter how much time or expense, I will work on it until its perfect in my eyes and my customers are satisfied.

I like to see people enjoy themselves and achieve their goals, and I can help them with the art/work I do!

When I started Skating (25 years ago), the first thing I noticed is that my toes went numb (sleepy toe) after just a few miles. Like everybody else, I just dealtwith it for years. As I skate, I’m always thinking about how something is designed, especially if it doesn’t feel right. I have my #1 rule; fix it or throw it away. So I threw out my boot that I bought from the local skate store and started making my own.  Even though I’ve spent a lifetime working on this, I have never really cared about how much time I have spent to designing shoes.  I have a passion for the way something is supposed to feel and perform. Simmons Rana Racing doesn’t follow tradition.  We do not use the old designs in which the toes are up so high. Ours are much lower and use a more neutral position of the foot. Why? When the shoes were made 50 years ago they were made of leather and they flexed. The builders compensated for that by making the toes up, so when you pushed down, the toes would flattenout. This then became the traditional way of making a boot. Nobody ever questioned it. 

Now that carbon is used, there is no more flexing and therefore no need to make a shoe the old way. Your foot is already in the position to make the most power. No compensation, no loss.”

 We do not mindlessly copy other boots and follow the tradition. We create our own. We apply the same simple thinking in Building our Simmons Rana Products and that is why we remain "SIMPLY THE BEST"